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And If You’re Planning To Be Stupid, You Still Have Time To Change That

July 3, 2020

Well . . . July 4th weekend is coming up around here, and I just wanted to say that however you’re planning to celebrate, don’t be stupid about it.

And Not For The First Time

June 30, 2020

Regarding yesterday’s post, I just wanted to clarify that while I’m in no way above setting up for a joke, I like to make it clear upfront when I’m doing so. What I posted yesterday actually happened the way I wrote it. I was feeling a tad maudlin and staring at what I had written knowing that the post needed something, when my son came in and provided it.

We’ve Got Someone On The Way To See What Can Be Done About This

June 22, 2020

So apparently it’s possible for an iguana to get themselves stuck in a chain-link fence . . .

So Can We Please Start Learning From Our Mistakes Now?

June 15, 2020

Between you and me, I’d rather be talking about how many chocolate chips you can add to cookie dough before the mix becomes more chocolate chip than cookie (It’s seems to take about a dozen past the “normal” amount of chocolate chips in a regular cookie, by the way.), but I need to say this:

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and I’m not trying to minimize any of it, but let the record reflect that in my part of the world at least, there is no “second wave” of COVID-19; this is still the first!

I’ve Been Finding That Soothing Lately

June 3, 2020

I still feel it’s risky for me to say anything at all just yet. (In part because the situation is still so volatile, and in part because *I* am still so volatile.) So instead today I’m just going to watch the goose family in the backyard raise their goslings.

Good Thing I Wasn’t Out Then

June 1, 2020

So last night I received a phone call at 11 P.M. informing me that my county was under a curfew that started at 9 P.M., and when I looked online the official announcements I could find of said curfew had a timestamp of 10 P.M.

So if I had been out after 9 P.M., I would have been in violation of a curfew that apparently hadn’t been announced until 10 P.M. (assuming you knew where to look), and I would have had no realistic way of knowing about at all until the phone call I received at 11 P.M.

And It Always Makes The Birds Happy

May 28, 2020

Oh, and to assuage any fears out there, while it’s unusual for the water level to get so high around here, it’s not unheard of, and the trees have endured worse than this.

They Don’t See The Problem At All

May 27, 2020

Yesterday I mentioned that we’ve got our own little “March of the Trees” going on in our backyard right now.

Today (since it’s not raining at the moment), I thought I’d show you what I was talking about:

This one seems to be accepting his fate with his head held high.
But it can’t be a good sign when you can see clouds reflecting off your backyard.
Not everyone sees this as a problem though.

Quick Public Service Announcement

May 4, 2020

If you’re going to be exclusively staying at home for prolonged periods of time, remember to go out and start your car now and then if you don’t want to find out the hard way your battery is dead.

In the words of Freakazoid, “That was important, and I forgot it!”

So That’s A “No” To Your Request

April 17, 2020

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of “post your senior pictures” requests on social media.¬† I dislike revealing weakness or sociopathy in public, but it seems I’m going to have to address this, so let’s see . . . how should I put it?

I detest all pictures of me, no exceptions, but there is a spectrum involved.¬† The positive end of that spectrum starts with, “I can tolerate this picture’s existence if I must,”¬†and it ends with me foaming at the mouth, champing at the bit for the day my promise to my mother is no longer binding and I can turn those abominations¬†into the smoke and ash I’ve dreamt of them being for years, and ideally I can use the burning hatred of a thousand thousand stars to start the flame.

And this is me understating my feelings on the matter.