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I Was About His Age When I Made The Same Connection

November 24, 2020

Today my son observed that the planet Venus, named after the goddess of beauty, is lovely to look at from a distance, but seething and lethal the closer you approach it.

He’s definitely my son.

Because Understanding That Is The Only Way To Make Sense Of Some Things

November 19, 2020

If there can be only one thing my son learns from studying history, I hope that he learns how strongly the past can resonate into the present and future.

This Will Make More Sense To You Later, Son

November 5, 2020

The other day my son with gifted with a toy drone that zips around the house. It’s fun while it lasts, but it takes about 40 minutes of charging to get around 5 to 8 minutes of play.

My son calls it Drone 6000; *I* call it a dating simulator.

Thanks, Son

November 2, 2020

Me: *Thinking while staring at the computer screen* There has got to be something better for me to write about than how depressing Halloween was!

My Son: *Bursting into my office and launching into his routine even before I have time to protest* “Why did the chicken cross the ocean?”

Me: *Sighing* “Why?”

My Son: “To get to the other tide!”

Me: *Thinking* Works for me.

It Was Just A Power Surge, But He’s Got A Point

October 6, 2020

It can’t be a good thing when your ceiling fan lights wink at you.

– My son, L.

I’m Just So Proud Right Now

September 24, 2020

My dark mood from yesterday continues, but it’s not so bad that I couldn’t feel an unreasonable surge of joy when my son (who has been practicing his card tricks lately) informed me that he had just given his deck of cards a “casino wash.”

She Wouldn’t Be His Mother If She Didn’t

September 11, 2020

Yesterday my son chimed in with his two cents worth regarding my recent posts about his mother:

“You’re lucky she finds that sort of thing funny,” he essentially told me.

And while that is, of course, true as far as it goes, the more important truth is that he is lucky that she finds that sort of thing funny.

And That’s What I Did

September 4, 2020

Sometimes as a parent I have to admit that I end up asking myself, “What would Mister Rogers do?”, and I always (and I mean always) end up looking the worse for the comparison.

But last night when I was woken up by my son at three in the morning because he was “super hungry” and asking for popcorn, then when accommodated he promptly made a loud “Bleagh!” while proclaiming equally loudly that he didn’t want to eat anything after all, and when I asked myself that question again, something different happened this time. I could almost hear Mister Rogers saying, “I would never have sung songs about what to do when you’re angry if I’d never felt anger myself. I suggest you go back to sleep now.”

Something That Came Out Of A Conversation With My Son This Morning

September 2, 2020

Frequently the “boring” stuff is also the most important stuff.

Something To Keep In Mind

August 21, 2020

Normally, son, I don’t like referencing a lesson here when we covered it in person only yesterday, but this one is important enough I thought it warranted the exception:

Remember, whatever mess you make when you’re upset is the same mess you’re going to have to deal with when you’re no longer upset.