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Eh . . . I’m Still Kind Of Glad About That

October 7, 2016

And for us, at least, our preparations did turn out to be unnecessary, so that much is right in our personal corner of the world.

The clear sign that everything was back to normal around here was when I was woken up by my son at three in the morning because he wanted me to refill his water glass.  He didn’t drink any, of course, but he woke me up because he doesn’t like the glass being too empty just in case he decides he needs a drink.

Yep . . . things are definitely back to normal around here . . .

May All Our Preparations Be Unnecessary

October 6, 2016

Things are quiet here at the moment, but things should start to get interesting soon enough.  Getting ready to do a final walk around the house to see if I missed anything that should be brought in, then the plan is to stay inside and get comfortable until the storm passes.

Wish us luck.

Made It

March 19, 2014

Updates to my writing website are officially on hiatus for the time being, but as I said before, I will be continuing with updates and announcements here.  Since this is in no way a vacation for me, I hope the old adage of “a change is a good as a rest,” holds true.

For the moment though, it certainly feels like a vacation, so I’m enjoying that feeling while it lasts.

Status For 6/14/13

June 14, 2013

So I just noticed that it’s been a while since my last ‘official’ status update, which in and of itself should give you the idea that I’ve been just a “tad” busy.  There’s been numerous reasons for this, some admittedly better than others, but the end result has always been the same.

So where am I right now?

Well right now my current writing project has expanded into easily twice the length I thought it would when I set my schedule for it, which, on top of everything else, has left me in dire need of a break, a break I will be taking . . . but not until after I complete the project.  Once’s that’s done though . . .

All bets are off.

Status For 3/15/13

March 15, 2013

Not bad . . . but it could be better.

I’ve long known that in this life you frequently have to make your choices along the time-money axis. (I.e., Do you spend your time or do you spend your money to do something, and in what proportion?)

Post-move, both commodities have felt like they’ve been in short supply lately, but it’s definitely time to re-evaluate my old attitude of “I’d rather do it myself and spend the money I would have paid someone else to do it on rewarding myself.”  Right now I’m running myself ragged enough that, as I realized last night, even enjoyable tasks have started to feel like chores of obligation.

So . . . time to make some changes.

The DIGITAL Unplugging Was The Easy Part

March 4, 2013

The National Day of Unplugging was actually not only relatively easy on me, but pleasant as well once I got passed the “I really should be working.” hurdle.  And all fretting aside, I easily made up for any “lost writing time” the next day, so there’s a lesson in all that.

Unfortunately, the Universe doesn’t seem to feel that I have adequately learned said lesson yet, as after weeks of dodging the worst of the illnesses around here, last night something started a push to clog up my throat, nose, and ears, and it managed to stage a more than moderately successful rally overnight.  To put it in perspective, it’s taken me to well past noon just to feel well enough to sit here and right this, and, to put it mildly, I am . . . “disinclined” to sit at the computer much longer for any reason, much less for working.

I’ll make up the lost time though.


Status For 2/22/13

February 22, 2013

A quick bout of illness put the household generally behind schedule this week, but nothing too dire.  L. is adapting to life in a toddler bed faster than the rest of us are adapting to his life in a toddler bed, but this too hasn’t been too dire, but it has been cutting into evening and morning R&R time in particular, so . . .

In other words, excuse me while I wrap this up and see if I can get some writing done before the need for sleep overcomes me.


Status For 2/8/13

February 8, 2013

About 8 months ago I wrapped up my first myth on the website, and decided it would be prudent to take week-long breaks between complete stories.

All in all, this has worked fairly well.

But it could have worked better.

Time has proven to me that taking a break between myths is a good idea, and a week is plenty of time between stories . . . if nothing goes wrong or otherwise interferes with my schedule.

Yeah . . .

So it is now official that from now on I shall be taking a two week break between myths.

Status For 2/1/13

February 1, 2013

My status post-move can be best summed up as follows:

I have alerted the household that I am not to be asked any more questions, particularly questions on the order of “Which box is _____ in?”  The only polite answer I have to that at this time is “I don’t know,” but I have lots and lots of non-polite answers if pressed.

How serious am I about this?

Let me put it this way:

I’m currently craving a proper shave, but I know better than to ask myself right now which box I packed my razor in . . .

Quest Complete! (New Quest Begins In Five, Four, Three . . .)

January 22, 2013

House Hunt Status:  Officially concluded.

Energy Levels: Depleted.

To Do Now List Status:  Long enough to rival Santa’s Naughty and Nice list.

Chance Of Anything From That List Being Done Today:  Laughable.