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Because Like I Said, I KNOW How Things Work Around Here

October 6, 2021

I have since found out that the aforementioned “worm slingshot” incident involved a stretchable toy worm and stretching it out to “slingshot” it across the room. Apparently both L. and his mother were unprepared for the amount of force this generated, but were fortunate enough to not hit anything breakable.

And, yes, L’s Mother was indeed the instigator.

I Know How Things Work Around Here

October 5, 2021

“This may have been as bad an idea as the worm slingshot,” my son announced this morning.

No, I had no idea what the “worm slingshot” was, but certain probabilities crystalized for me when his mother grinningly said, “We weren’t going to tell your dad about that, remember?”

Turning to L’s Mother, I looked at her with play accusation and asked, “What did you do?”

So, So Proud

September 29, 2021

Today I don’t know what to write. I’m not feeling like being funny today, nor am I feeling morose enough that I feel I have to be funny. With that said, I’m going to tell a joke anyway because now I can do it without feeling disingenuous. It’s not a good joke, but it’s one I wanted to record here because it’s bad and I’m proud of it.

The other day L. and his Mother were talking about the word “wherewithal,” but off the top of their heads, neither could come up with a concise definition. When this was brought to my attention I said, “It’s like a regular withal except on a night with a full moon.”

Sometimes I Wish I Was Just Making This Stuff Up

September 16, 2021

This morning L’s Mother pulled me into her arms, snuggled up against me and said, “Tonight we need to make sure that L. goes to bed on time because I’m really . . .” Her voice became husky here, almost a purr. “Sleepy,” she finished (without irony, I might add).

That Was The Point I Stopped Guessing And Started Asking

September 15, 2021

Regardless, my point on Monday wasn’t to criticize L’s Mother’s doodles, but to express my bemusement at the combination of her personal symbology and some obscure days of celebration. I think I can be forgiven, for instance, for wondering what “Burning Keyhole Day” was supposed to celebrate (it’s actually National Cheese Toast Day), but there are one I really should have kept my mouth shut on.

Especially because “Suicide Pact Day” (represented by a skull and crossbones followed by a heart symbol) turned out to be marking Talk Like A Pirate Day and Wife Appreciate Day.

Yeah, That Sounds About Right

September 10, 2021

I was going to ask your opinion, then I remembered that I was going to do it anyway.

– L’s Mother, said to me earlier today (And I still don’t know what she did.)

And That Would Be One Of Them

August 25, 2021

“I just finished up a few rounds of bellows breath,” L’s Mother told me yesterday. “Not to be confused with Mister Bellows’ breath, of course,” she added with a grin.

Now friends and neighbors, there are few things sadder than dropping a reference some fifty odd years out of date and expecting someone else to get it, but sadder things do exist.

“It’s Doctor Bellows‘ breath,” I corrected her.

A Window Into L’s Mother’s Mind

August 16, 2021

“I’m going to get some things from the grocery store,” L’s mother announced this morning.

“If you get another cake, I’m divorcing you,” I told her. (This seemed like a reasonable thing to joke about since threating violence over a cake seemed like too much to me.) “But don’t worry,” I added. “It’s not like I’ll move out or anything.”

“The funny thing is,” she chuckled, “my first thought was, ‘It’s going to be hard to pay for your insurance if you’re not my spouse . . .'”

On The Positive Side, The Water Pouring On My Foot Woke Me Up Pretty Quick

July 15, 2021

After stumbling into the kitchen early this morning, I noticed that the water dispenser we usually keep in the refrigerator was sitting on the kitchen counter. While still bleary-eyed, I could see that it was empty, and guessed (correctly) that L’s Mother had intended to refill it, but got interrupted. While still sleepy, I figured (correctly) that I was awake enough to refill a water dispenser.

What I wasn’t awake enough for was to notice that L’s Mother had left the spigot on the dispenser open.

So, Yeah . . . That Happened

July 14, 2021

Here’s another one for the “Things Like This Really Happen To Me” file:

The other night L’s Mother had a dream that “nature spirits” wanted to get her something for her upcoming birthday. She didn’t tell me this because she didn’t take this terribly seriously because . . . dream, but yesterday evening she found herself thinking, “Well, if they are going to get me something for my birthday, they need to do it soon.”

Cue me walking in with a large blue-green bouncy ball saying, “This just floated down the waterway and stopped at our yard. Maybe it’s a birthday gift from the water spirits . . .”