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I Learned Something About Overthinking Questions That Day

December 12, 2017

On a lighter note, on a field trip a while back my son’s teacher pointed to an unlabeled display and asked him what it was.

He looked at her like she was being completely unreasonable and said, “I don’t know!” with such vehemence that I realized what he thought she was asking.

“She’s not asking you the species, son,” I chuckled.  “She’s asking you what do you call those kind of bones.”

“Oh!” he exclaimed.  “Fossils!”


What Went Right (Part Four)

November 16, 2017

Staff member:  Happy Birthday!

L:  Thank you!

(This happened too many times to detail individually.)


(And finally, the incident that was the most amusing.)

Me:  Okay, I’m heading back to the room.

L’s Mother:  Sounds good.  L. and I are going to stay a little longer.  (aside to me)  But only so long as he’s still having fun and not griping, so we probably won’t be that long.

– eight or so hours later –

L’s Mother:  What just happened?

I’m Still (Mostly) Kidding

November 3, 2017
So I really was kidding yesterday.
Even though I thought that was obvious.
Nevertheless I wanted to be clear.
Don't think that things are that bad.
Honestly I feel pretty lucky.
Every day brings new challenges, of course.
Like every day though, you just have to persevere.
Perseverance isn't always easy though.