That’s Supposed To Happen Tonight

November 11, 2020

After two days of dealing with one flood/water related issue after another, I’m taking the day off before the rains start again.

Not Out Of The (Flooded) Woods Quite Yet

November 10, 2020

My son: It’s important to remember that the flooding is even higher for some people, so it could have been a lot worse here!

Me: That is absolutely true! But if we continue to get more rain before the waters have time to recede, it could still get worse here.

Contemplations While Standing At My Front Window This Morning

November 9, 2020

That is a LOT of water out there. No harm done here that I can see, but they were NOT kidding about the flood warnings telling people to stay at home! You’d have to be an IDIOT to even think about . . .

*watches a privately owned vehicle forcing it’s way down the flooded street*

This is why we as a species can’t have nice things.

I’ll Continue To Work On Improving My Time On That

November 6, 2020

It has been remarked on that it’s . . . well, “remarkable” how long I can remain angry about something. For the record, I don’t find anything remarkable about it all. I work hard to not hold grudges, but it’s true that I can remain angry about something long after the trigger of that anger has thought, “Surely he can’t still be angry about that!”. I always find that thought remarkable because if am still angry, it typically boils down to one of two self-evident (to me) reasons:

#1. I feel an injustice has been done, and there has been no adequate attempt to redress that.

I do my best to be forgiving even then, even if it’s sometimes only so I don’t remain entangled by resentment, but I freely admit that can still take me some time, especially if:

#2. It still hurts.

This Will Make More Sense To You Later, Son

November 5, 2020

The other day my son with gifted with a toy drone that zips around the house. It’s fun while it lasts, but it takes about 40 minutes of charging to get around 5 to 8 minutes of play.

My son calls it Drone 6000; *I* call it a dating simulator.

But I Doubt They Will

November 4, 2020

With yesterday’s ban on cynicism no longer in effect, let me just say while the results could still go either way that I hope the losers in this election actually learn something from their loss, especially if the real losers end up being the country as a whole.

But It Doesn’t

November 3, 2020

Today I’m fighting against the urge to be cynical on a day that I refuse to be cynical.

I only wish my refusal had something to do with the election.

Thanks, Son

November 2, 2020

Me: *Thinking while staring at the computer screen* There has got to be something better for me to write about than how depressing Halloween was!

My Son: *Bursting into my office and launching into his routine even before I have time to protest* “Why did the chicken cross the ocean?”

Me: *Sighing* “Why?”

My Son: “To get to the other tide!”

Me: *Thinking* Works for me.

That Explains A LOT!

October 30, 2020

Today I read an article about It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and as much as I hate to admit it, the article makes a good a point:

In order for Charlie Brown to get a bag full of nothing but rocks after trick-or-treating, literally every adult in the area, including his parents, would have to have been working together in a conspiracy to ruin this poor kid’s Halloween.

And You Can Write Your Own Pelvic Thrust Joke

October 29, 2020

(I suspect I’m going to regret making this joke, but . . . what the hell.)

While I get the idea behind covering “Time Warp” as a way to encourage people to vote “a jump to the left,” I know a lot of people who don’t have a problem with voting a jump to the left. Their concern is the step to the right that immediately follows.