That’s . . . A Good Question, Actually

January 5, 2018

In honor of this week’s unexpected food theme, here’s another food related entry:

A friend of mine was playing around with a new touchscreen order board at a popular American fast food establishment near him when he discovered something . . . odd.

The price of a sausage biscuit was $1.

The price of a regular biscuit though was $1.39, leaving him to wonder if the sausage was somehow subsidizing the biscuit?


Just Ask My Stomach

January 4, 2018

I think one could be forgiven for thinking it unlikely that one could poison oneself from a snack attempt consisting of only two ingredients (unless one or both of those ingredients happened to actually be poison, of course),  but one should also keep in mind that “unlikely” is not the same thing as “impossible.”

New Year’s Thoughts, 2018 (Revised)

January 3, 2018

I was pretty pleased with yesterday’s entry when I wrote it, but the more I considered it throughout the day, the more I realized I didn’t have the phrasing quite right. So upon further reflection and in honor of the spirit of my intent for the new year, here’s my revised thought:

This year I’d like to do things right this time . . . and where that’s not possible yet, I’d like my mistakes to be useful ones, please.

New Year’s Thoughts, 2018

January 2, 2018

This year I’d like to do things right this time . . . and if that’s not possible, I’d like to make more useful mistakes please.

Happy New Year, 2018!

January 1, 2018

For no obvious reason, I’m weirdly optimistic about this upcoming year.

Given all the times I’ve been weirdly pessimistic about things for no obvious reason, I figure I must be due.

A Few Sentences Is More Than A Couple

December 29, 2017

Still not feeling 100% today, but since I’m capable of stringing more than a couple of sentences together, I feel the need to demonstrate that capability.  Yesterday’s joke/not joke was, of course, inspired by the fact that I saw The Last Jedi yesterday, so people can now stop asking me if I’ve seen it yet.

Yes, that really is all I’m planning to say.

(Jokes aside, I’m deliberately taking it easy today, but the fact that I’m in a snarky mood is a sign that I’m on the road to recovery.)


I Used To Think That Talking Politics Or Religion Was The Worst It Got

December 28, 2017

To the list of things I avoid discussing if I want a civil conversation, I am now adding Star Wars.

I’m Hoping To Feel Better For Real Soon Though

December 27, 2017

If the brevity of my recent entries haven’t already clued you in, I’ve been . . . otherwise occupied lately.  Some of that, naturally, has been due to the holidays, but mostly it’s been due to a cold that has proven, for lack of a better term, “scrappy.”  By my count I’m on my third round of “I thought I’d beaten this thing already!”

And Some Of Their Arguments Were Pretty Good Too

December 26, 2017

Sometimes I like to remind myself that some people used to passionately argue that powered flight was a scientific, or at least a practical, impossibility.

Good Heavens, What Are You Trying To Say?

December 25, 2017

Is it just me, or when someone compares you to your star sign, does it just not feel like a compliment?