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Which Is Also A Decent Time Considering The Circumstances

January 31, 2019

Yesterday I mentioned in passing that while traveling recently I missed my connecting flight.  While this wasn’t fun, I learned something interesting about myself.  I could have said, “Yeah . . . I’m not going to make that,” and, as it happens, it was actively impossible for me to have made it by the time I got off the plane because boarding had closed pretty much the moment my feet touched the ground.

But I didn’t realize that at the time.  (I was in such a rush I was thinking departure time, not boarding time, and I had fifteen minutes before departure.)

Even a small delay might give me the time I need, I thought, so off I sprinted . . . from Gate A24 to Gate D6 . . . in Atlanta.   I made it in ten minutes, which is a decent time.

And I felt recovered from that sprint about an hour later.

Because If You Tell Me That, You Need To Also Tell Me The Good Reason Why They Haven’t Left Yet

January 30, 2019

Since I’ve been traveling lately, I’ve gotten the chance to experience how airlines are trying to improve their relationship with their customers, and I want to say that I really do appreciate being kept in the loop on any flight delays.  With that said though, there is such a thing as telling me too much.

For instance, telling me there’s been a fifteen minute delay is appreciated and easily understandable.  Delays can happen for any number of reasons, and a fifteen minute one isn’t likely to be too much of a big deal (and this is coming from someone who missed his connecting flight because of said fifteen minute delay), so thank you for telling me.

But you probably shouldn’t have told me it was because the flight crew hadn’t left their hotel room yet.

The Trip (Part Two)

December 5, 2017

Before I move completely away from the topic of changes in air travel culture though, let me pause to give a shout out to the TSA agent who processed my paperwork on the other side of the country.  She was personable, professional, and had some of the finest inkwork on her arms that I have ever seen.