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Tale Told By Request

September 23, 2014

The other day I picked up a small bottle of wine at the grocery store, prompting the cashier to stare at me mock-inquisitively before playfully asking if I was really “old enough” to make such a purchase.

“Oh, please!” I snorted.  “The number of years added up that I’ve been asked that question are ‘old enough’ at this point.”

She Knows Me SO Well

November 7, 2012

“So did you hear that some states legalized possession in the last election, making it on par with alcohol?” L’s mother asked me this morning.

“That’ll make some ghosts I know very happy,” I responded.  “They’ve been waiting a long time to be considered equal to other kinds of spirits.”

“You have today’s Candles and Curses now, don’t you?” was her next question . . . but we both knew it wasn’t really a question.

This Applies To Several Other Virtues and Vices As Well

June 11, 2012

Something else I can’t help but notice is how often I see people drinking alcohol who really need to stop (at least for a while), but the ones who really stand out to me are the ones not drinking alcohol who really need to start.