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Roles (Part Two)

September 6, 2013

Now to head off the nigh-inevitable question (sometimes asked of me privately, sometimes just thought of and mentioned to me long after the fact) of “What brought this on?”, I’ll go ahead and answer that here and now.  (See?  I do pay attention to feedback.)

Someone asked a question, and without thinking, I started switching to the role of “answerer.”  Never mind that I had my doubts that the questioner really wanted an answer, and even more doubts that they had any room for it amidst all their preconceived notions, I still almost answered automatically.  I managed to stop myself, but it was a near thing . . . too near.

Now this may not sound like much to you, but I’ve wasted so much time (my time and other’s) trying to give answers people simply did not want to hear, that these days I’ve learned the merits of beating down (with a baseball bat, if necessary) the impulse to play the role of “answerer” unless I’m sure the answer is going to be heard.  Of course, I’m rarely “sure” about these things, so sometimes I make exceptions and sometimes I take chances, and sometimes I end up regretting that and sometimes I don’t.

I can live with that though, so long as I don’t automatically answer.

Sometimes You Just Have To Start

May 14, 2013

For reasons unclear to me, this month has already proven itself as a month in which many people close to me (myself included) suddenly find themselves struggling with a mix of old issues they’d thought put to rest, and some surprisingly new challenges as well.

Some months are just like that.

All of us are feeling taxed, some to our limits and beyond, so I understood perfectly when  someone overwhelmed by questions half-facetiously asked me, “Which question should I start with?”

“That one,” I answered.