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This Isn’t A Recent Thought, Just A Recurring One

April 29, 2021

Always beware the person who isn’t as foolish as they appear. They may just be being kind, and should you exhaust that kindness, you’re going to be in for a nasty shock.

Picture Imperfect

August 12, 2019

Recently I met someone as pretty as a picture.

Unfortunately they had depth similar to one as well.

Facing The Truth

June 9, 2015

And now for a lighter note:

George: Your mother cut my face out of the picture.
Gracie:  Oh, George, you’re being sensitive.
George: I am not! Look at my face! What happened to it?
Gracie:  I don’t know. It looks like you fell on it.

Burns and Allen

So Don’t Worry

November 25, 2014

By the way, son, no matter what anyone may say, you don’t really look exactly like me . . . and the ways you do look like me look better on you than they do on me.

A lot better.