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I’m Fine, Just A Bruise And A Scrape On One Elbow (But My Pride May Take Some Time To Recover)

January 20, 2020

Speaking of overconfidence . . . 

Here’s a pro-tip for you:  If you’re trying to sit in a hammock in the dark, pay more attention to what you’re doing than to the antics of the ecstatic happy puppy at your feet lest you suddenly find yourself “Gilligan’s Island-ing” heels over head to land on your elbows on the concrete beneath you.

A Reason I Shall Be Contemplating Every Day Until My Bruise Heals

October 18, 2016

Remember when you were learning how to walk and your parents stressed the importance of not watching where you were going and slamming your toes into a door?


There’s a reason for that.