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But To Be Fair, I AM The Only One Who Can Do The Voice

October 21, 2013

An important milestone in any child’s development is when they are old enough to start playing “pretend.”  I knew this.

I never expected to be insulted by it though.

L., as I’ve mentioned before as recently as last Friday, loves Thomas & Friends, and recently he’s started to pretend that he’s Percy.  His mother has been cast in the role of Thomas (Percy’s best friend), and Lala is now Emily (a cute and friendly engine who is green like Percy).

And who do I get to be?

I get to be Diesel 10 (the villain).

Thanks, son, just . . . thanks.

This is about the alphabet joke, isn’t it?

La, La, La. La, La, La. Karate Song!

July 19, 2012

While I approve of the message I keep seeing from various children’s programs of “Sometimes just talking with/befriending the bully will stop them from being a bully,” I’ve yet to see a children’s show that gives any advice on what to do if talking doesn’t work.