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Social Media Can Tell You Surprising Things Sometimes

June 10, 2021

Today on this date, according to a shared memory, one of my nieces spent an amazing day riding horses with friends.

Apparently on this same date (albeit some years prior) *I* was waxing nostalgic about Jonah Hex.

That’s just not something I ever expected to know.

But It Happened Every Day For A WEEK, I Tell You!

July 14, 2014

“Behold my power over the firmament!” I proclaimed before my household. “Marvel as I summon the life-giving waters to nourish the Earth, and call the lightning of the gods from the very ether!”(1)

My family was less than impressed, however, shooting me a look that said, “You’re just going to try taking a shower again, aren’t you?”(2)

(1) Not necessarily my exact words.

(2) And those actually were their exact words.