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Because I Wanted A Cookie

May 23, 2023

I’m feeling unusually serious this week, but I’m not in the mood to indulge in that just yet. So instead, let me tell you about the cashier who told me this morning that it was, “Too damn early for me to be tempting her by buying cookies like that.”

“Funny you should say that,” I replied, “because the main reason I’m here is because of those cookies. My child loves those cookies, and so does their mother, and my mother has made it clear to me that I not to even think about having one of those cookies unless I’m prepared to replace the box. so . . . here I am.”

A Recent Mental Transcript Of Mine

November 30, 2018

Oooh, peanut butter cookies!  They’re a little small, but that’s a pretty big bag, so it should all balance out.

Waaaaait.   While it doesn’t obviously say they’re for dogs, I’m seeing an awful lot of little animal pictures to not be suspicious.  Let’s see here, number one ingredient is . . . free-range chicken.

Yep.  And there it is in small print at the bottom of the bag, “dog treats.”  That’s just wrong!

After Two Cups Full, I Was Ready To Go!

August 9, 2017

(No, the news isn’t cheery of late.  I’m not in denial . . . I’m being obstinate!)

Today I discovered that doing without morning coffee isn’t so bad when you substitute it with morning cookies provided you keep the doses the same.

And It Almost Was

August 26, 2014

So how sick am I today?

Sick enough that I’m making this entry from bed after announcing, “If trying to eat sensibly today is going to hurt this much, I’m having a cookie now before its too late!”