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Happy Halloween, 2014

October 31, 2014

Has it been another year already?  Judging by the “sexy pizza” costumes I’m seeing advertised, it must have been.

Have fun tonight folks, and feel free to wear whatever costume you want; if you don’t want to wear a “sexy” costume, remember that you don’t have to.   Wear what you want to wear,  and if what you really want to wear is a “sexy pizza” costume, well . . . that’s just strange.

But it’s your Halloween costume, so wear whatever you want to wear, just wear it proudly.

Happy Halloween everyone, and, as always, be careful out there tonight.  This candle’s for you.

I’m Still Not Sure

November 1, 2013

The plan of the adults:

We all dress as pirates for Halloween so we thematically match with L’s parrot costume, which he loved.

The summarized effects of a two-year-old mind on adult planning: 

“No parrot costume, butterfly wings!”  (Love really is fleeting, it seems.)

“Okay, your green Oberon costume from last year then.”

“No green costume, just butterfly wings!”

“Okay, suit yourself.  Just butterfly wings.”

“Not just butterfly wings!  Butterfly wings and Batman jammies!”

“Your Batman jammies are in the hamper.”

“Not just–”

“Butterfly wings, got it.  Okay, Batman jammies and butterfly wings, it is.”

No butterfly wings, just Batman jammies!  NOW Trick or Treat!”

“What just happened here?”

Halloween Is Almost Upon Us

October 23, 2012

I know this because today I saw an ad for a “Sexy Watermelon” costume.

Okay, guys . . . be honest.  At this point you’re just sitting around playing Mad Libs starting with the word “Sexy,” aren’t you?