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A Defining Moment

November 10, 2014

CONVALESCENCE, noun (As experienced and defined by the parent of a young child.)

1.  A period of time when someone else watches your child while you accrue a debt to said person which is truly impossible to repay.

2.  A period of time when you remain as quiet and still as possible in the hopes of avoiding the dreaded “You’re awake, so you must feel well enough to play with me now, right, Mommy/Daddy?” response.

3.  An opportunity to develop one’s ninja skills, particularly on the way to the kitchen or bathroom.

The Devil’s In The Details

May 23, 2013

Yesterday I had a need to consult The Devil’s Dictionary, and, much to my surprise, I couldn’t find the word I needed in the Ambrose Bierce edition, so I went to a more . . . direct source for what I needed:

CONTRACT, n. – A legally binding document created to protect your interests as well as mine . . . but mostly mine.