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In THAT Case . . . You’re Pretty Much Guaranteed To Learn Something

January 29, 2016

(Inspired by a true story.)

MRI, while a useful diagnostic tool, remains just a tool, and you don’t always learn something when you enter an MRI scanner.

Unless, of course, you’re didn’t know that you were claustrophobic before you entered . . .

A Personal Discovery Is Still A Discovery

March 11, 2015

“Did I ever tell you how I discovered this place?” I found myself saying today.  “Well . . .”  I amended, “when I say ‘discovered,’ you know I don’t mean ‘discovered’ in the Christopher Columbus sense.”

I paused as a thought struck me.

“Hang on.  Plenty of people knew about this place before I did, and there were a lot of people here already when I arrived, so I guess I did discover it in the Christopher Columbus sense.”