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And It Probably Never Will

October 27, 2020

The other night I had a dream that I was essentially a ghost, and my sole method of interacting with the world was via touch. Even that, however, was limited to touching people, not objects. I had a message I was trying to get across, but I couldn’t even write it, and I was starting to get frustrated even though I could understand perfectly why people weren’t sticking around long after feeling an unearthly presence touching their skin.

As bad as this was, it got worse when word started to get out about the “haunting,” and thrill seekers started seeking me out like I was a cheap Halloween attraction. This finally culminated in a group of college-age girls coming to my location and throwing giggling dares at me to “touch them.”

Even in my dream I recognized this as an awkward situation because on one hand I don’t like saying no to a request (particularly a request like that one) unless I have a reason, but on the other hand, there was room for doubt as to the seriousness of their request, or at least some doubt that they seriously thought the request might actually be granted.

“You could have just booped their noses,” L’s Mother opined when I told her about all this when I awoke.

Chuckling a throaty chuckle, I smirked and admitted, “I can honestly say that option never even occurred to me!”

I . . . Guess I Can See That

September 29, 2020

We’d find a way to make it even as vampires, I just hope I wouldn’t have to subsist on gluten-free people.

– L’s Mother not being quite as random as you might think because this was actually relevant to our morning conversation about a dream I’d had last night

The Latest Window Into My Dreams

October 8, 2019

My Dream Guide:  And this is the end of your dream vision.  I hope you found it enlightening.

Me:  A little, I suppose.  That wasn’t much of a dream vision.

My Dream Guide:  (shrugging)  What do you want for a dollar?

Me:  I didn’t give you a dollar.  I don’t even have a dollar on me.

My Dream Guide:  Of course you don’t, you gave it to me.

Me:  No I didn’t!  Show me this dollar!

My Dream Guide:  Hey, I’m the dream guide here; I don’t have to show you anything!

A Letter To A Dream

July 9, 2019

I dreamt about you last night.  That hasn’t happened in a while, so it was good to see you again.  There wasn’t much to it.  You flirted with me just a bit in a non-serious way because that’s how I still remember you.  I told you that I hoped you were happy because that would make me happy; you told me that you weren’t “not happy,” and I told you that made me not “not happy” too then.

In multiple senses it wasn’t much of a joke, but we chuckled anyway.

And though you looked like a specific person from my past, I know you represented several people I still think about from time to time and wonder how they’re doing.

So thanks for the answer . . . even if it was only a dream.

For A While I Was Leaning Toward Not Sharing This

December 12, 2016

“Last night I dreamt that you had a group of handlers for your public image, and they decided to create you a girlfriend named Eileen Moore,” L’s mother told me the other day.

“Well ‘Eileen Less’ doesn’t conjure up the same image, now does it?” I replied.

The Latest Window Into My Dreams

November 18, 2016

Apparently I can’t just date a girl, I have to cure her lycanthropy first.

Actually . . . I’m okay with that; that just strikes me as a good idea, particularly before the start of a new relationship.

This Is Why The Window Into My Dreams Usually Stays Closed

July 14, 2016

Last night I dreamt that I was walking among a ramshackle community of thugs, pirates and cutthroats when I noticed a group of children playing a harmless looking dice game in the street.

How cute, I thought to myself.  It’s good to see kids doing normal kid things in the midst of all this depravity and degradation.

“Okay, he’s dead!” one of the kids announced.  “Now roll again to see if you can **** his corpse.  It’s trickier than it sounds!”

(The funny thing is that my dream actually bleeped that word out for me, presumably for extra comedic effect.)

Dreams Can Also Be Cruel

May 16, 2016

Dreams can be funny things.

The other night I dreamt that I had decided I needed to get away from it all for a little while, so I had decided to visit my grandparents.  Paraphrasing for brevity, my dream monologue went something like this:

I haven’t visited Grandma and Grandpa C. in a long time, I wonder why?  I mean, sure, I wasn’t happy that the land was sold and the house torn down, but there was a good reason for that.  It was because they’d . . . died.


Well I haven’t seen Grandma and Grandpa D. in forever either, and I know their house is still standing because Mom showed me a picture recently.  You could barely see it for the overgrowth because nobody’s really trimmed it since Grandpa . . . died.


Well at least I can see Grandma! Because I haven’t seen her since before she di-

Oh, you have got to be kidding me!

And If His Story Is Being Told On Netflix Or HBO, I’ll Bet He Lasts For At Least Two Seasons

October 20, 2015

Nothing quite like sleep deprivation to give you odd dreams when you do get the chance to sleep.

Before I awoke this morning I was dreaming I was chatting with all these nice people of differing backgrounds who didn’t seem to have anything in common on the surface.  Further conversation revealed, however, that aside from the details of what exactly made them nice people, the only other memories they had were of their good friend who was more dramatic, heroic, and/or interesting than they were in every way.

As one they realized they were nothing more than background characters destined to die to give pathos to the story of the main character.

Naturally offended by this, they started brainstorming ways they could avoid their fate, but before they could get far, one of them was attacked by a couple of deadly, yet seductive, succubi.  (He was the cheerful womanizer character whose role is to die ironically in a fantasy/horror story.)  Armed with the knowledge of his true status though, he began to . . . crassly explain and demonstrate what he was willing to do to . . . distract his attackers, and how letting him live just a “little bit longer” would be more interesting not just for this scene, but in all future scenes as he continued to .  . . ahem . . . “fight” for his life in increasingly outrageous ways.

There was a moment of stunned silence from the rest of the group, then one of them looked at him askance and asked “Really?”, to which his response was to flash a heavy metal hand sign and gleefully point out that he was “Still alive, aren’t I, baby?”

The Applications Would Be Endless

June 17, 2015

When I was younger I dreamt of having any or all of the “standard” array of superpowers (i.e., Flight, Super Strength, Invulnerability, Invisibility, etc.), but these days I’d trade all of those in for something really useful like the ability to let others see that which might otherwise be invisible to them (i.e., The mess they made that they need to clean up, Why it’s important to tip your sever, What their favored politician really stands for, etc.)