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If He’d Actually SAID Something On Any Of Them, He Might Have Had A Bit Of A Point

August 20, 2020

Now that the elections here are over, I want to make note of one candidate (whom I shall allow to remain anonymous), who, judging by the number of flyers of his I found in my mailbox over the course of the election, apparently believed that he just had to kill the right number of trees to make his election a certainty.

To Be Fair, That DID Give Me A Clear Picture Of That Candidate’s Issues!

July 27, 2020

When it comes to doing research on candidates for local elections, one of my sources is to read the responses to the survey questionnaires major newspapers typically send out to all the candidates. If the candidate can’t even be bothered to respond to said survey, that’s a major red flag for me.

In this current election, however, I discovered another red flag that I’d never actually seen quite so blatantly before. In one candidate’s response to “What are your top three issues?”, their responses were (and I’m not paraphrasing this nearly as much as I wish I were):

Issue #1: My opponent is old and lazy.

Issue #2: My opponent is rude and no one likes her.

Issue #3: Can you believe how bad my opponent is?

These Numbers REALLY Don’t Add Up

March 19, 2013

In an effort to get a better feel for my new community, I recently attended a community meeting.  Having no real practical prior experience doing something like this before, something about the experience bothered me, and I’m not talking about my deep-seated aversion to meetings in general.  What bothered me was that I couldn’t help but notice that:

Number of people in the community:  In the low thousands.

Number of registered members:  In the low hundreds.

Number of attendants of the annual meeting to determine elected officials:  In the low dozens.

L’s Mother (who has more experience with this sort of thing than I do), tells this is normal, and I know it is.

It just shouldn’t be.