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Because To Me They Are CLEARLY “Less Invisible” Than They Were A Moment Before, Now Aren’t They?

November 6, 2018

An ever increasing number of years ago I failed a question on an English test by asserting that “less invisible” was proper grammar.  I was told since something was either invisible or it wasn’t, there was simply no way for it to be less so, end of discussion.

So I didn’t discuss it . . . with the instructor.  I know a losing battle when I see one.

But to this day whenever I see someone or something invisible in movies or on TV have their position revealed by their footprints, or by steam, or by something being splattered on them, or however it happens . . . I always chuckle.


But Kids Don’t Hear It That Way

November 4, 2016

English has a lot of odd “short form” phrases built into it; for example, “I don’t care anymore.”

When someone says that, it’s only in extreme cases that they mean they literally don’t care at all anymore.  Usually when someone says that, what they mean is some degree of “I don’t care (to talk about and/or deal with this) anymore (right now).”