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Memorial Day Event Thoughts (Part Five)

May 31, 2013

5.  For those who doubt the sustainability of yesterday’s “zoo of imagination” idea, I submit to you this:  My son spent half an hour giving sticks to a bear that wasn’t there for anyone else but him.

(Not that the bear didn’t appreciate it, mind you.)

Memorial Day Event Thoughts (Part Four)

May 30, 2013

4.  Once I thought about it, son, I see your point.  An empty bear enclosure with a picture of a bear is just about as good as an enclosure with an actual animal in it.  Half the time you can’t see the animals even if they are there.

(I wonder if they’d be any money in designing an entire children’s zoo around this premise?  Call it the “zoo of imagination” and you could “stock” it with just about anything you’d like.  Only charge a pittance just a little over what you’d need for upkeep, and I’d bet you’d do alright.)

Memorial Day Event Thoughts (Part Three)

May 29, 2013

3.  Speaking of money, if you read the flyer carefully enough to see where it said admission for children 4 to 11 was half off, you read it carefully enough to realize ages 12 and above were full price.  Don’t try to pretend otherwise.

(The clerk is obligated to appear as if they believe it was an honest mistake on your part even after you continue to argue the point with them.  I am not so restricted, however.)

Memorial Day Event Thoughts (Part Two)

May 28, 2013

2.  When you go to a crafts booth and buy a little handmade something (in this case, a set of yarn finger puppets for L.), provided both craft and creator are worthwhile, you do realize that a lot more effort went into the creation of said craft than the creator is asking you to pay, right?

(For the record, ma’am, I, for one, was happy to give you the dollar apiece you were asking for your puppets.)

Memorial Day Event Thoughts (Part One)

May 27, 2013

Rather than repeat myself on my thoughts regarding Memorial Day (again), this year I’d like to focus on some of the thoughts that occurred to me as I took L. to his first real Memorial Day event:

1.  Have you ever noticed at any public gathering that is supposed to be “fun,” just how few smiles there are compared to the number of frowns?

(They’re not all going to be like this, but I thought I’d start with the gloomiest thought first.)