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And That’s No Exaggeration

July 30, 2020

I hate how it plays to certain tropes, but it’s no secret that L’s Mother is a big fan of alternative foods, and I am . . . not. She’s been right just often enough about the foods that she’s had me try that I don’t wince at the idea (any more), so these days I frequently just go all in on what I’m trying.

With that said, today I tried some hemp-based creamer, promptly gave a Kool-Aid Man worthy “Oh no!”, and went to inform L’s Mother that I would not be using that creamer again.

“Could you taste the hemp?” she asked.

“I could taste the rope,” I told her.

Ctional, It Should Have Been CTIONAL

September 27, 2013

You know what’s worse than planning to use a joke to describe how you’re feeling today, then realizing you’ve already made that joke?

Realizing that when you made that joke before, you screwed it up.