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It Wasn’t From UPS

May 14, 2020

“Hang on,” L’s Mother told me yesterday as she glanced at her watch.  “I think all my texts for today are coming in at once.  Yeah . . . I’m seeing a notification about a delivery from UPS . . . something about a baby . . .”

“From UPS?!” I just had to ask.

(By the way, congratulations, Pixie.)

The Trip (Part Four)

December 7, 2017

Even so, actually being on my best behavior was difficult at times for reasons both understandable (“You’re telling me now that you’re expecting me to learn choreographed dance moves before the event tomorrow.  I am not–  Huh?  Oh, you just want me to join L’s mother on the dance floor after the choreographed event!  Yeah, I can do that.”(1)) and perplexing (“So you feel you’re qualified to teach my seven-year-old son how to shake hands like ‘a man’ after you, a physically mature adult, felt the need to use a pointlessly crushing grip on a child, do you . . .?”(2)), but overall I think I did okay.

Nobody said anything about not inviting me back for the 100th, at least.


(1) A blatantly paraphrased summation of a simple and brief misunderstanding.

(2) L’s Mother was in the process of handling that one because I walked up on said event already in progress.  This, by the way, was the final catalyst for me pulling her aside and telling her we needed to go soon before I said something that I would have found hilarious, but would have justifiably been considered fighting words.