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When Gaming And Birthdays Collide

May 31, 2021

She’s [age redacted]? It’s time for her to start gearing up!

– L., age 10, making a joke upon hearing his grandmother’s age

May That Be The ONLY Credit It EVER Gets From This House

May 18, 2021

Particularly after yesterday’s post, lest you think that L’s Mother can’t hold her own, right after I walked out the room she gave the most theatrical heartbreaking sniffle I have ever heard.

“That was really good!” I told her as I walked back into the room.

“I know, right?” she agreed. “Allergy season deserves a lot of the credit though.”

I Then Promptly Returned And Said, “But You Were Saying?”

May 17, 2021

“Now this won’t be of any interest to you whatsoever . . .” L’s Mother foolishly used as a lead-in with me early this morning.

So of course I interrupted her with, “You’re right,” and walked out of the room.

I Did, And I Think He’s Growing Up Fast

April 23, 2021

Yesterday while I was replacing the batteries in one of my son’s toys, he grinned at me and with a knowing chuckle asked, “Hey, Dad. Remember when I said those looked like Double A holes to me, and do you remember the Ash hat Pikachu?”

It Seemed The Polite Thing To Do Under The Circumstances

April 21, 2021

At my son’s suggestion, this morning we held an impromptu fire drill that involved the two of us crawling upon the floor along the only “safe path” to the door and to our designated meet up point out front. We even scooped the dog up with us along the way since she was following us.

Once we we’re done I made it a point to inform my son’s mother that since we knew she was busy, we just pretended that she was with us instead of us pretending that we’d left her in the fire.

The Truth Isn’t Always Interesting

April 13, 2021

This morning L’s Mother did something I thought was really funny, but she disagreed and asked me to not post about it here, so now I don’t know what to write about.

She Was Still Being Facetious Though

March 31, 2021

So yesterday I picked up some new to me ice cream sandwiches because they were on sale (thereby proving my genetic link to my parents, but I digress), and was sampling one of them with my son. We agreed the ice cream was excellent, and even though the cookie wafer was a little too firm for our liking, we had to admit this might be one of the finest ice cream sandwiches we had ever had.

We said this out loud . . . in front my son’s mother . . . a woman who loves ice cream sandwiches, but has had to cut dairy out of her diet.

Her response?

A very quiet (and I’m quoting her literally here), “Neither of you have parents who are married to each other.”

My son initially thought she was facetiously threatening me with divorce, but after I moment I got what name she was really calling us.

I’m Going To Go Watch A Movie

March 30, 2021

I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today, but then my son asked me if I wanted to watch the newest Octonauts movie with him, and I don’t get asked to watch movies with him much these days, so . . .

I Asked Him To Hold The Ladder For Me While I Cleaned The Gutters

March 29, 2021

Let the record show that yesterday I willingly placed my life in the hands of my son, and that he comported himself in a honorable manner and justified my faith in him.

My Response: Breathing Is Overrated

March 22, 2021

I’ve stated before the reasons behind my reluctance to talk about the weather these days, so I winced when yesterday I heard L’s Mother telling one of her sisters how warm it is here. To L’s Mother’s credit, she did add that at the moment the pollen is so thick that it’s practically impossible to breathe right now.

Her sister’s retort was simply, “We got 25 inches of snow this year.”