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Though I Am A Bit Concerned That *I* Was The Only One Who Woke Up

November 28, 2018

Last night around 2:30 A.M. I awoke to the dulcet sounds of at least one smoke detector going off.  Even as groggy as I was, the smell in the air was thick enough that I paused to place my hand on the door to determine if it was hot before opening it, then . . . nothing.  The door was cool, the alarm(s) silenced themselves, and I was the only one awake in the house.  If not for the rapidly dissipating scent lingering in the air, I might have wondered what had just happened.

The scent was scorched dust though.

Last night there had been what passes for a “cold snap” around here, and I’d turned the heater on before going to bed.  Evidently, around 2:30 is when the (rarely ever used) heater kicked in, and I imagine you can figure out the rest yourself.

Nice to know everything works around here, at least.

And That’s MORE Than Enough Irony In Any Given Week For My Tastes

September 7, 2017

In another example of irony, while I am currently facing a crisis of water on my horizon, people on the west coast are facing a crisis of fire on theirs, once again proving that the problem isn’t one of resources, but of distribution.

Playing With Fire

May 29, 2014

Lots of people start out with dreams of setting the world on fire . . . then they get burnt.

Many give up at that point, and some persevere, but only a few pause to reconsider all the things “setting the world on fire” can mean, and proceed more carefully after that.

Sometimes the better dream is not setting the world on fire.