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Just Please Give That Horse An Extra Carrot For What Has Been Asked Of It

June 23, 2022

Change is a part of life, and body changes can be a big part of that . . . literally in some cases.

Even so, so long as you’re healthy, don’t sweat it too much if you find yourself putting on some pounds. Your true friends will be sympathetic even when that sympathy is also accompanied by sympathy for the horse you’re riding.

Inspired By A Recent Purchase Of Mine

January 4, 2022

As much as I hate to say it, you probably are accident prone when your friends start unironically gifting you things like band-aids and non-slip sauna shoes.


December 13, 2021

Recently I did the “Oh, by the way, these are my sites” thing to someone after they had known me long enough to express frustration about how difficult I am to get to know, and since I specifically started this blog so people could get to know me better, it seemed like a logical thing to do.

Also logically, after reading some of it, today she asked me (and I’m blatantly paraphrasing for comedic effect here), “Am I crazy, or are some of those entries inspired by me?”

I Expressed Said Opinion Using A Two Word Vernacular

December 4, 2020

A friend of mine with “mild” sleep apnea recently shared with me that “mild” in his case is defined as six sleep disrupting episodes per hour. When he told me this (via email), my brain first processed this as six episodes per night, and I thought that sounded a little excessive for “mild.”

Then I read it correctly, and expressed my opinion that it didn’t sound very “mild” to me.

A Bit Like The People, Come To Think

July 31, 2019

I wasn’t just making a throwaway joke yesterday about my internal monologue having no filters, by the way.  Read whatever you like into this, but the fact of the matter is my internal monologue long ago stabilized into the language patterns that I used among friends in college.  Those patterns rarely see the light of day anymore unless I’m talking to someone I knew from those days, but they’ve always stayed with me.

Oh, Riiiight! Happy Birthday Then!

June 12, 2019

Why am I wishing this person a happy birthday via social media again?  I asked myself this morning.  We haven’t talked in years, I can’t remember the last time they even acknowledged when I sent them any well wishes, and odds are good they’re not checking their own page anymore anyway, so . . . why?

Because it’s their birthday, the answer came back, and if they do check their page you want them to know you were thinking of them even if they don’t acknowledge you, remember?

This Struck Me As Especially Funny Because I Would Feel EXACTLY The Same Way

November 5, 2018

Some time back I posted something about how I could never say “I love you” to all my friends, and I’m finally getting the chance to do my follow-up to that.  After that post, you see, one of my long-time friends (who I happen to like a lot) chimed in with the opinion that if I ever told them that I loved them, they would be “completely terrified” in a “We’re all going to die in five minutes, aren’t we?” sort of way.

That Just Wouldn’t Work

October 26, 2018

Yesterday it came up in conversation that someone Lala knows makes it a habit to say “I love you,” to all her friends.

“I couldn’t do that,” I admitted.

“Why not?” Lala asked.

“Put simply,” I replied, “because by my definition of love, I don’t love all my friends.  Some I do, but some I just like, and I’m there for all of them whenever I can be because that’s what friendship is to me, but love them all I do not.”

Lala seemed kind of saddened by this, and it’s not like I consider it ideal myself, but that’s the honest truth of the matter.  I would like it someday if I could be the type of person who genuinely loves everyone, but I’m never going to get to be that person by lying about it.

An Open Letter To Pretty Much Everyone I’ve Ever Known In My Life

August 20, 2018

Look . . . we need to talk.  Maybe we’ve talked recently, or maybe it’s been years, but there’s something I need to say.  If we spent any significant time together at all, it’s something I would have tried to say before at least once, but I may not have said it well,  so I’m going to try again.

If I ever told you that you were smart, it’s because you are smart.  The same applies if I ever told you that you were pretty/handsome, talented, funny, or any other positive trait I might have commented on.  I get that everyone has moments of self-doubt sometimes, but it bothers me if you start to wallow in them.  When you doubt yourself like that it bothers me a larger scale because I can clearly see that your doubts aren’t based in fact, and it bothers me on a more personal level because (and I say this somewhat tongue-in-cheek, of course) it feels like you’re calling me a liar.

Stop calling me a liar, damn it!

Today’s Definition Of Friendship

December 9, 2016

Some times the funniest stories of my week involve friends and/or family, but some times those stories don’t paint them in the best of lights, so unless they think it’s funny too and give me express permission to tell the story, I don’t tell the story no matter how funny it is.