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I Would Never Even TRY To Make This Stuff Up

July 18, 2012

So now that I am largely recovered from yesterday, I have a brief followup to Monday’s thoughts about what is and is not “deserved.”  When the concept is looked at dispassionately, it proves to be a much slippery thing than angry people generally want to believe when they use it in their fury, of that much at least I am sure.

The lizard just wanted to be in a comfortable place when he crawled into the dryer, just like a frog might venture out on a dark and rainy night just for the sheer joy of the experience.  It just seems . . . overly harsh to me to say that death is a “deserved” consequence for something so understandable.

Mind you, like the frog who ventured out in front of my tires Monday night discovered, it can still be a consequence.

Sorry about that, little guy.