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Five Minutes In And I Was Asking For Peanuts

December 18, 2018

So while the vacation was good, like I said yesterday, we all got frustrated at points.  One of the most notable times for me was when I bellied up to the poolside bar for some downtime, and quickly (not to mention unwillingly) made the acquaintance of a gentlemen suffering from the unfortunate condition of not being able to not talk at length about how great he was.  Two minutes in and I found myself thinking about the scene from the movie Daredevil where Bullseye flips a peanut into a chatty woman’s throat to make her stop talking.

How Bad Was Yesterday For Me? This Bad:

September 20, 2018

I have alerted my household that if anyone needs my help with something they can’t do for themselves, I will help them as part of the process of teaching them how to do it for themselves.  In all other matters though . . .

Until further notice, I’m on strike, so even if you won’t excuse me, I’m off to play games, watch videos, and otherwise do absolutely nothing that I don’t want to do.

Recognizing The Irony Helped Me Relax . . . A Little

March 12, 2018

What’s the irony level for getting frustrated for getting stuck in traffic on the way to an appointment to help you relax?  Painful?

Painful sounds about right.

Yes, You Will

March 23, 2016

Son, I hate shoe shopping.

I hated it as a kid when I was dragged there by my Mom, and I hate it now.  I hate it with such a passion that I wanted to spare you the experience if I could.

Now I know you’re five, and you have no idea what I’m talking about, but I’m telling you now that if you give me any grief today over your new shoes after we went to the trouble to measure your feet here and find shoes online that are almost exactly like your old shoes (because they don’t make those exact shoes in your size anymore), well . . . you will know what I’m talking about.

I’m SO Not Kidding About This

September 19, 2012

Son, watching you grow and develop has made it clear to me just how much of growing into adulthood is about learning how to handle well things like frustration and disappointment.

I’m doing my best, mind you, but I still hope to improve on this point as time goes by so I can serve as a better example to you.