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These Are The Jokes, Folks. They Don’t Get Any Better

August 17, 2020

This morning while pouring some maple syrup as part of my breakfast, suffice it to say that I didn’t do a very good pour, and had to do some minor cleanup as a result.

“Oh, poor pour me,” I chuckled.

I Like To Keep Abreast Of Things Like This

August 26, 2019

Augmented reality is an interesting concept, and to think we owe it all to silicon.

The Worst Joke I Told My Son This Week

August 9, 2019

So this guy is getting ready to travel through the cursed forest of Am, and is understandably concerned about the evil reputation the forest’s trees have.  A local guide assures him that while the trees might look fearsome, they were, in fact, completely harmless.

So assured, the guy enters the forest and, sure enough, the trees don’t bother him, but once he’s a ways into the woods, the shrubs start flailing at him and even chasing him down when he tried to run.  Bleeding from numerous wounds, he barely escapes the forest with his life.

Once he had recovered, he tracks down the guide and confronts him.  “You told me the forest was safe!” he shouted.  “But I nearly died when those shrubs attacked me!”

“I told you the trees of Am were harmless,” the guide corrected.  “But you’ve still got to watch out for Am-bushes.”

This Just Struck Me As Funny

July 22, 2019

While we were out yesterday, L’s Mother walked over to a nearby organic grocery/health store she likes while I settled our lunch bill.  When it was time for me to join her I found myself momentarily stymied because while I knew the general direction of where she had gone, all the store signs were blocked by foliage from where I was standing.

Now where specifically did she go? I wondered to myself.

Then over one of the doorways I saw a banner proclaiming, “CBD products sold here!”, and I had my answer.

And Thus A New Phrase Was Born

January 7, 2016

“Hey!” I exclaimed immediately following the puppy’s emergency bath this morning.  “Don’t let her in here; she’s all wet!”

“She’s only half-wet,” Lala informed me.  “I didn’t feel like washing a whole dog.”