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My New Favorite Editorial Note

March 28, 2013

As anyone who knows me already knows, I am far from averse to using “strong” language in person or in my writing when I feel the situation warrants it to add humor, emotional emphasis and/or fair warning that would be impossible to add another way.  I never swear just for the sake of swearing though; I find that lazy, and after a while excessive use of any word becomes smurfing annoying to me.  When I do something, even swearing, I like to do it right and to maximum effect.

Which is precisely why an editorial note I recently received regarding a page from my current story amused the hell(1) out of me:  “Hyphenate POS.”(2)


(1) Let the record show that I didn’t even consider resisting this one.

(2) If you can’t guess the full phrase I used, you’re not old enough to know it.