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Because I Usually End Up Getting Stress For The Holidays

January 10, 2023

I absolutely get how post-holiday depression is a thing, but personally I experience something akin to post-holiday relief.

Something I Overheard Today

January 4, 2023

“If there’s no family drama in your family, especially around the holidays, everyone else agrees that the problem is you and there’s no point even talking about it anymore.”

(I don’t necessarily agree with this, but much like, “There’s always one weirdo on the bus; if you don’t see them, it’s you!”, it’s something worth considering from time to time.)

I Admit This Thought Started As A Joke, But It’s No Joke

December 30, 2022

The holidays are a time when many people struggle with mental illness . . . and not necessarily their own.

Three Times If It’s “Just” Blackmail

December 16, 2021

Look, I know I have a cynical streak big enough to function as an aircraft carrier in a pinch, and I really, really want to believe all the heartwarming holiday sentiment I see this time of year is genuine, but even so, there are times I feel perfectly justified in my first thought being, “That’s nice. Now blink once if they’ve got a gun on you, and twice if they’re holding another hostage . . .”

That Was The Point I Stopped Guessing And Started Asking

September 15, 2021

Regardless, my point on Monday wasn’t to criticize L’s Mother’s doodles, but to express my bemusement at the combination of her personal symbology and some obscure days of celebration. I think I can be forgiven, for instance, for wondering what “Burning Keyhole Day” was supposed to celebrate (it’s actually National Cheese Toast Day), but there are one I really should have kept my mouth shut on.

Especially because “Suicide Pact Day” (represented by a skull and crossbones followed by a heart symbol) turned out to be marking Talk Like A Pirate Day and Wife Appreciate Day.

It’s Okay If You Don’t Get It, She Did

January 28, 2021

“Can you remind me again when you’re planning on taking the Christmas decorations off the holiday tree?” I asked L’s Mother the other day.

“After Candlemas,” she replied.

I just looked at her and sighed, “Now I’m gonna need more rope.”

I’ll Talk To You Later

December 24, 2020

Originally I was going to write something longer (and honestly, not that festive), but L’s mother is waiting for me to wrap this up, and I think my holiday is better spent with her than here.

Happy Holidays!

It Was A *Particularly* Vain Hope For This Holiday

November 22, 2018

Every holiday has its traditional icons, but one of the least talked about icons is the “holiday possum.”  Strongly related to the “weekend possum” and the “day-off possum,” the holiday possum remains perfectly still in bed, mimicking sleep in the often vain hope that the child(ren) of the house will leave them be for at least a few minutes more.

Fun-Weird Is Fine, Just Not Weird-Weird, Okay?

December 22, 2017

However you chose to observe/celebrate this time of year, my advice is whatever you do, unless it’s your deliberate intent, don’t make it weird.

I’ll Be Better Tomorrow, So At Least I Can Be Thankful About That

November 23, 2017

I can think of no better way to describe my mood today than by admitting that when Mom expressed her hope that we have a good Thanksgiving, my actual response was “I hope we have a good one too.”