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A Thought I Legitimately Had While Doing Some Home Repair Today

June 7, 2022

I don’t know who tightened this, but I’m willing to bet their last name was Banner or Walters . . . possibly Ross.

When She’s Right, She’s Right

October 1, 2020

The other day I was scouting the difficulty of a repair I’ll potentially be doing in earnest over the weekend. It’s nothing major, just a broken switch in a ceiling fan light, something I’ve even replaced before. The only complication was determining which breaker cut the power to said ceiling fan (Remember, kids, electricity can kill!), but with that having been done, I decided to quickly determine how tough it would be to reach the switch on this particular fan. The answer was no more so than normal . . . if I hadn’t dropped one of the screws.

This left me with the problem of not being fully confident that everything would hold together while I searched for the dropped screw, so I quickly cast around for a temporary replacement. What I found was a sturdy plastic Pikachu toy whose ear I hoped would suffice for load bearing for the few moments it would take me to locate the screw. Long story short, it did.

When telling this story to L’s Mother though, at this point she looked at me with concern in her eyes and proclaimed, “Rob, that was really dangerous!” I started to assure her that I was just being extra cautious, and the extra load bearing probably wasn’t even necessary, when she cut me off.

Pikachu is an electric type, Rob!” she informed me with a smirk.

That About Sums It Up

July 11, 2019

It feels like they’re using a massager on the house!

– My son, L., Age 8, describing the work being done on the driveway.

Especially If We Can Get It All Done Today

November 20, 2018

People keep asking me if I’m thankful that the construction around here is done, and while the answer is a weary “yes,”¬† I’ll be more thankful once we’ve caught up on the last of the school work we’re still behind on because of all the disruptions over the past three months.

I’m Leaning Toward “Not”

November 19, 2018

I was mostly joking, of course, when on Friday I inquired about the existence of post-traumatic home reconstruction disorder.

Having had the weekend to observe myself though, I’m reconsidering if I was really joking or not.

Because That’s What It Feels Like I’m Feeling Right Now

November 16, 2018

A month and a half past when it was supposed to be done, and still technically a bit more paperwork and the like to do before I can officially put all this behind me, but the work on the house is for all intents and purposes DONE!

Is there such a thing as post-traumatic home reconstruction disorder?

It Also Could Have Been Worse

October 19, 2016

So if you’re wondering just how bad was the plumbing issue I mentioned on Monday was, let me put it this way:

We’ve been running drying fans and an air scrubber for mold nonstop for two days now, so . . . it could have been better.

But It’s A Little Bit Heartening If Only Because At Least They Don’t Look Gleeful

October 17, 2016

It is both heartening and disheartening when you explain the problem to the plumber and you see them wince.

Mostly disheartening.