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It Never Gets Less Weird

August 3, 2022

When I got a house, I never expected to have to clean up so many corpses. I mean, I’ve only had to do it five times or so, but it’s weird to me that I’ve had to do it even once.

I wish people would just respect the “No Trespassing” sign . . .

(I am absolutely kidding about this, but I do wish the ducks and iguanas and the like could pick a different property to die on.)

And Now You Know

September 12, 2018

So if you’re wondering why I shifted my house around last week, it’s because sometime back in the Jurassic Period a pipe burst inside my kitchen’s wall doing a truly staggering amount of damage to said kitchen.

Fast forward millions and millions of years later, and the insurance company finally stopped dragging their feet and cut us the check they owed us so we could start repairs/necessary remodeling.  I was doing some preliminary rearranging before work started when I dropped those shelves on my foot, in fact, but things didn’t get really serious until last week because that’s when they started working on the floors and that required a lot of shifting.  Not only did I need to have significant garage space clear for their materials, since they have to do so much work in the kitchen (including the floor) anyway, we’re having the floors redone (on our dime) throughout a large chunk of the rest of the house while they’re at it.  I’m trying to view all this as an opportunity to really look at my belongings and determine what is and is not still worth keeping since I’m moving so many of them around anyway, and while it is an opportunity, it’s an opportunity I could have happily had another time (or never, truth be told).

It is what it is, though.