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I Know A Number Of People Who Would Have Had That Same Thought

August 6, 2018

This weekend while I was out and about I overheard an off-duty police officer telling the following (paraphrased) story to a friend after the subject of spiders had come up:

You think that’s a big spider?  They come bigger here . . . a lot bigger!

One time I was chasing this perp, not for anything serious, you understand.  Nobody had gotten hurt, and nobody was even out any money that I knew of, but this guy still decided he was going to make a run for it anyway.  So I’m chasing him down the street, and it’s night, so he figures he can lose me by running through some bushes, and I’m thinking “There’s no way this guy is getting away from me!”  I train my flashlight on the bushes and I’m about to follow him when I see a spider as big as my hand between me and the perp, and my next thought is “That guy just got away!”


I’ll Let You Guess Which Two I’m Thinking Of

September 15, 2015

It has been observed (specifically by Emily Dickinson) that “The Heart wants what it wants,” and that’s true enough, but if you want to really understand human behavior, you have to recognize that the same could be said of at least two more organs other than the heart . . .