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I’m Going To Keep It Simple Today

September 16, 2020

This candle is for the Gulf Coast in the hopes that Sally leaves them alone A.S.A.P.

Sounds Like An “Active” Season To Me

September 14, 2020

Admittedly, the phrase “active storm season” (as in “they are predicting an active storm season”) gives a somewhat nebulous picture.

“There are currently five named storms in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico at this moment,” clears that right up though, now doesn’t it?

All Clear

August 3, 2020

As predicted, the storm here was very mild, and all is well. The worst damage that occurred was to my toe when I misjudged the placement of something I’d moved inside, and even that should be cleared up in another few days.

Because We Do

July 31, 2020

I’m busy today doing the by-the-numbers prep for the incoming hurricane. Confidence is high that we’re just going to get a little wind and rain, but I never get tired of saying we take every tropical system seriously in this house.

We’re Fine, By The Way

September 3, 2019

I should have mentioned this yesterday, but I got so wrapped up in “Is this storm going to move, or what?” that it slipped my mind.  So, yes, we’re fine, we have always been fine, and I firmly believe that we were always going to be fine.

But I will admit that watching this storm has been like watching a turtle with a bomb strapped to its shell trying to make up its mind if it was going to walk your way or not.

The Real Definition Of “Hurricane Watch” Around Here

September 2, 2019

When you find yourself tracking time either by how long it’s been since the last National Hurricane Center update, or by how long it is until the next one.

My Reaction In The Wake Of Hurricane Michael

October 11, 2018


Just . . . damn.

Good Luck!

October 10, 2018

MUCH delayed, but this candle is for all those in the path of Hurricane Michael.

Post-Irma Thoughts (Part Two)

September 13, 2017

Today I read someone saying that “excess” hurricane supplies returned to stores for refunds are simply disposed of for legal reasons.  I don’t know for 100% if that’s true, but it’s certainly in keeping with similar policies that I do know are true, but even if it’s not . . .

If you truly have no need for your excess supplies in the wake of a hurricane, remember there are many, many people who do, so please do the right thing if you can and donate those supplies to those who need them.

Post-Hurricane Matthew Thoughts

October 10, 2016

We got lucky, no doubt about it.  That in no way means our preparations weren’t warranted though, nor does it mean there weren’t things we could have been done better.  (Mental note:  Do something useful with that stuff stored in the garage so there’s room to bring the cars in next time.)  And while I know some people like to be blase about these storms, particularly after they pass, I’m not one of those people.

Yes, it was “boring” in our location . . . and that’s a good thing (Just ask the people actually hit by the storm.), but I don’t mind telling you that it was a particularly never-wracking kind of boring, and that Thursday was a very long day for me.