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Today’s Practice: Be A Better Friend To Myself

January 15, 2018

Things you say to your friends:  “Of course you’re having trouble focusing, you still have a touch of the flu!”

Things all too easy to say to yourself:  “Come on!  What’s wrong with you today?!”


Just Ask My Stomach

January 4, 2018

I think one could be forgiven for thinking it unlikely that one could poison oneself from a snack attempt consisting of only two ingredients (unless one or both of those ingredients happened to actually be poison, of course),  but one should also keep in mind that “unlikely” is not the same thing as “impossible.”

I’m Hoping To Feel Better For Real Soon Though

December 27, 2017

If the brevity of my recent entries haven’t already clued you in, I’ve been . . . otherwise occupied lately.  Some of that, naturally, has been due to the holidays, but mostly it’s been due to a cold that has proven, for lack of a better term, “scrappy.”  By my count I’m on my third round of “I thought I’d beaten this thing already!”

Brain Temporarily Closed For Renovations

December 15, 2017

The cold/flu that I’ve been feeling nipping my heels all week has decided that today was the day to strike, so if you’ll excuse me (or even if you won’t) . . . I’m going back to bed.

You Have A Gift For Understatement, Son

August 17, 2017

“I’m feeling unnormal,” my son told me last night as I was tucking him in.

“‘Unnormal?'” I asked.  “Does that mean you’ll be going to sleep easily tonight or what?”

He then proceeded to answer me by spewing over half his bed and a good portion of the floor next to it.

(He seems to be fine, by the way.  Just another entry in the cavalcade of life, but if you hear me using the term “unnormal” in the near future, this event is probably why.)


And I Still Look More Like An Old-Timey Prospector Than I Like

March 21, 2017

So I’m more or less recovered from what took me down last week, I’m just not sure if I should put the emphasis on the “more” or the “less” though.  Case in point:

On one hand, though I remain disinclined to so, I am quite capable of heading out for needed provisioning runs again, so that’s a mark in the “more” column.  On the other hand, my personal definition of “needed” is pretty sharply limited right now . . .

This Is What Happens When I Read The News When I’m Sick

March 15, 2017

My private thoughts while blearily glancing over the news of the day:

Huh.  Sure seems like these days the news is dominated by demagogues, most obviously self-serving, but with a dash here and there of those who seem genuinely concerned with others, but they’re demagogues none the less.  That’s never a good sign.

Demagogues . . .

What was the word that girl used to describe herself as?   Demiverge?  No, demi-vierge!  Now that was a long time ago!

Huh . . . that’s a real word.  I mean, I know that now, but I didn’t know that then!  Fortunately she helpfully provided context for me to figure out when she meant . . .

I should probably go back to bed now.

And That’s When I Knew Exactly How Bad She Was Feeling

February 16, 2017

“Are you gracing us with your presence today?” I asked L’s Mother this morning since it was well past the time that she normally leaves for work.

When she just sort of stared at me instead of answering, I began to suspect that my question was phrased incorrectly, so I tried again with “Will you be present today?”

This time she sort of half-chuckled and half-sighed before answering “I’m not leaving the house today if that’s what you mean.”

The Bravest And Most Poignant Thing I’ve Heard This Week

December 15, 2016

Don’t worry, you don’t die from it, you die with it!

Jim Backus reassuring people about his suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

What Have We Unleashed?

September 30, 2016

Anyone who lives or has ever lived in a house where illness gets passed around will understand the following (summarized) exchange from my household this week:

Lala:   “I’m not feeling well today.”

Me:  (To L’s mother) “Lala’s still not feeling well.”

L’s mother:  “I’m still feeling okay.”

L’s mother:  (Around an hour or two later)  “Suddenly not feeling well.  On my way home.”

Me:  “It begins . . .”