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New Level Of Impatience Discovered

January 19, 2023

(Yes, I am working on accepting the moment for what it is, thanks for asking, but with that said . . .)

Just below “monkey waiting for a donut” level of impatience is the level of “we have cake, the coffee is ready, what do you mean you’re not available right now?”

My Week In A Nutshell So Far

January 11, 2022

Yesterday I got extremely impatient with the “Impatience” tag I used yesterday because I originally entered it as “impatience,” and the system kept insisting on replacing my attempts at correction with my original entry.

But at least I was aware of the irony.

Because I Quote This A Lot And Was Genuinely Surprised That I’d Never Recorded It Here

January 10, 2022

You don’t know impatient until you’re a monkey waiting for a donut.

Curious George