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Well . . . If You SAY So, I Guess . . .

February 12, 2021

Much like Wonko the Sane who feared for the world’s sanity after discovering a set of detailed instructions on toothpicks, I fear for any world where a warning label like “Do not use this product if you’ve had a life threatening allergic reaction to this product in the past” is considered necessary.

Scrambled Thoughts

June 19, 2014

This past week or so L. has been putting us all through the grinder when it comes to, of all things, Humpty Dumpty videos on YouTube, Humpty Dumpty in literally dozens of versions and levels of creepiness.

Naturally, this has started to have an effect on me, and yesterday this is what I found myself singing:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a throne,
Humpty Dumpty was rarely alone.
He was fond of skiing, and fonder of skating,
And fondest of all of his ladies-in-waiting.

Yes, there are other versions and verses, but this is the one most suitable for public consumption.

Into The (Empty) Mouth Of Madness, The Sequel

July 18, 2013

Since I wasn’t feeling all that well last night, I went ahead and pre-wrote today’s entry under the theory that I might feel even worse today.

The good news is I don’t feel that bad yet.

The bad news is the operative word in the good news is “yet.”

The worse news is when I looked at what I wrote last night, I thought, “Why did I think that was funny?!”

In my defense, you might recall that last week I mentioned I was going on a diet to help support my girls in their diet.  If that sounds familiar to you, it might be because a few years ago I made exactly the same mistake did the same thing and felt terrible at this point then too.

Let the chronicle of my descent into madness begin!

Um . . . again!

(I have really got to get over this “doing something because a girl asked me to” habit of mine.)