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It Was An Honest Mistake, Quickly Corrected, But It DID Give Me Something To Talk About Today

April 30, 2019

One of the drawbacks of productive days is that “productive” isn’t necessarily the same thing as interesting.  So for most of the day I’d been drawing a blank on what to write about today, then I got the call that my car was ready to be picked up from the shop, so I tabled the matter and went to pick up my car.

“Just approve the amount and sign and you’ll be good to go!” the girl behind the counter told me.

I glanced down at the screen, then glanced back up at her.  “No,” I said simply because $925,480.47 was just a bit beyond the original estimate I had been given.

Inspiration Found

June 22, 2016

Last night L’s mother slipped outside to sit on the porch to seek inspiration from the storm overhead.  Now I’ve done this a time or two myself and the porch is covered, so I didn’t think twice about her doing this . . . right up until the point there was a crack of thunder that shook the house and a concurrent flash of lighting that was dazzling even through the closed blinds.

A few moments later L’s mother was back inside the house and she absolutely reeked of ozone.

“I’m inspired!” she announced in a cheery voice.  “I’m definitely inspired to come back inside now!”