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When You’re Right, You’re Right, Son (Albeit For The Wrong Reason In This Case)

November 12, 2021

Today my son and I did several impromptu (but safely controlled) experiments with fire. Most notably, we discussed how wax provides the fuel in a burning candle, and we showed how a piece of twine is quickly consumed by fire when the twine itself is the only fuel.

My son’s reaction: “It’s a good thing my mom isn’t here while we’re doing this!” (Thinking that she might “freak out.”)

His mother’s reaction upon hearing of our experiments: “If I’d been here, I’d have soaked the twine in alcohol and shown how much faster the twine burns!”

Or Vice Versa

September 20, 2021

Before I elaborate on what I referenced on Friday, let me just say the problem with asking a child to convey a message on your behalf is that you all too often when you say that you’re feeling “a little warm,” they message delivered is “They’re on fire!”