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When Probability IS Your Friend

June 15, 2022

I’ve talked before about my grandmother and her ability to see possibilities, and I’ve alluded that this is a trait that I share. I’ve also talked a little bit about knife safety.

Today those worlds collided as I, a little too casually, grabbed a knife and instantly foresaw how if just the wrong number of things happened in just the wrong way, I could do myself a serious mischief. Pausing, I adjusted my grip on the knife and said to myself, “That would have been a stupid way to die.”

That’s the good side of seeing possibilities.

The bad side is that after I said that I also briefly foresaw in unnecessary detail the trauma such self-inflicted mischief would have had on the rest of the household. That’s the point I had to remind myself just how unlikely such a scenario would be, and that I’ve already corrected the problem in any event.

Good thing I’m used to this.

When In Doubt, Sheathe The Knife And Relocate The Dog

March 11, 2022

While I fully respect the knife safety rule of “point down and close to your side” when carrying an unprotected blade, having a dog bouncing around while you do so adds an extra level of complexity not fully covered by said rule.