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I Would Never Even TRY To Make This Stuff Up

July 18, 2012

So now that I am largely recovered from yesterday, I have a brief followup to Monday’s thoughts about what is and is not “deserved.”  When the concept is looked at dispassionately, it proves to be a much slippery thing than angry people generally want to believe when they use it in their fury, of that much at least I am sure.

The lizard just wanted to be in a comfortable place when he crawled into the dryer, just like a frog might venture out on a dark and rainy night just for the sheer joy of the experience.  It just seems . . . overly harsh to me to say that death is a “deserved” consequence for something so understandable.

Mind you, like the frog who ventured out in front of my tires Monday night discovered, it can still be a consequence.

Sorry about that, little guy.

Filtered Perceptions

July 16, 2012

Today wasn’t “just one of those days” where I woke up in a foul mood, no, not at all.

I was awake at least thirty minutes before I hit the foul mood point.

The why is beside the point of this story, so suffice it to say that I spent the early part of my morning privately(1) snarling to myself as I went about assorted tasks, hashing and rehashing the concept of what it means to “deserve” something as I did so.

At the height of my fury, I went to put some things in the dryer (all it takes is one child for laundry to be a never-ending chore for multiple adults), pulled out the lint filter, and popped out a very startled little lizard.

Now, nobody put the lizard there, he crawled in there himself.  Had I neglected to check the lint filter, the little guy would probably have been baked to death, and he would have had nobody but himself to blame for putting himself in that situation.  True, he didn’t know how hot things could have gotten for him, but the case could certainly be made that he “deserved” what he nearly got.

And maybe he would have.

But I’m still glad I checked the lint filter.

And for whatever reason, that’s all it took for me to shake my foul mood.(2)

Go figure.

(1)  Very privately.  The little one did not deserve the fallout of my foul mood, so my mental tirades were frequently interrupted by playing blocks or the like.  I just picked the tirades up again when I was no longer needed for a few moments.

(2)  Well . . . mostly.  The situation that sparked my anger still exists and still needs to be addressed, but I’m done with the mental tirades for now at least.