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Every System Has Its Limitations

May 19, 2023

Logic is a fine system, but it does not and can not apply to every situation, and no amount of logic can change that.

My Pre-Holiday Non-Holiday Thought

December 23, 2021

While it should be self-evident that it’s not logical to expect logical behavior from people who are starving, it is perhaps less self-evident that most people are perpetually starving for something.

“It Is TOO In Dispute!”

March 10, 2017

Recently a friend of mine sent me a persuasive argument to proofread if I got the chance.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance for a couple of days, and by the time I could warn him that he was going to lose his intended audience right at the beginning, he’d already lost them.

Overall my friend’s tone in his argument was erudite and logical, but before he even began he made a mistake I’m seeing more and more lately.  He preluded his argument to a skeptical audience with “And this part isn’t in dispute, so now let me get started.”

The audience’s response was . . . eminently predictable.