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I Think This Means I’m A Better Person Asleep Than I Am Awake

July 26, 2016

Again my thoughts this morning were inclining toward the political, then I learned something about myself when someone tried to discuss the topic with me just a little too soon after I got out of bed.

Before I pass a certain level of awake, I have no tolerance for meanness.  When I’m alert I can evaluate things in terms “Okay . . . they deserved that,” but when I’m still feeling the lingering warmth of last night’s sleep, my reaction seems to be “Why are people being horrible to each other?  Don’t they realize I just woke up?”

Especially Because This May Be The Only Time I Ever Hear That From You

November 10, 2015

Today I had an oddly poignant moment with my son.

This morning during a discussion about monsters I told him that monsters never bothered me because “I was too mean.”  At this point my son, despite our frequent clashes of will that almost always end up worse for him than for me, he looked at me in puzzlement and said, “You’re not mean.”

I think your perspective may be skewed there, son, but . . . thanks.  That meant a lot to me.