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It Was The First Time I Ever Had Sauerkraut On A Hotdog, And It Was FANTASTIC!

March 26, 2018

Memory can be a funny thing.

You can know have many years have passed.  You can even know that the destination is the “same” only on a technicality since in the intervening time they have moved to a new building in a new location, and you can still find yourself looking for the same hotdog cart that used to be outside the old building all those years ago . . .

I Think She’s Trying To Poison Me Again

July 20, 2016

Last week L’s Mother decided to make cupcakes, but thought the frosting tasted “strange,” and wanted my opinion.  (This sort of thing happens to me more often than I’d care to admit.)

Both the cans of frosting were flavors I didn’t particularly care for, but leaving that aside, I had to admit something seemed indefinably “off” about them.  I couldn’t precisely identify what it was either though, so L’s Mother took a closer look at the cans.

“Oh!” she exclaimed in understanding.  “This one is expired!”  A quick check confirmed this to be true of the second can of frosting as well.

“That’s strange,” I said.  “You just bought them today.”

“No, I didn’t,” L’s Mother said way too casually.  “But I bought them for Valentine’s Day, so I thought they’d still be good.”

Certain facts crystallized and a vague memory of things being pushed into the back of the pantry and forgotten came into focus for me at that exact moment.

“You did,” I sighed as I resisted the urge to claw at my tongue to remove any frosting residue, “the year before last!”

Fortunately Everyone Thought It Was Funny (And I Paid For The Soda)

April 15, 2016

Earlier this week I mentioned that pregnancy is making L’s Mother a little bit . . . foggy at times, well . . . I have another example:

We were out grabbing a quick bite to eat, and L’s Mother ordered a combo, then decided she didn’t want the soda, so she cancelled the combo.  As we’re getting settled in at the table, I see she’s drinking a soda.

Looking at her askance, I asked, “Where did you get that cup?”

“I had to get it myself,” she said cheerfully.  “I realized I needed soda to settle my stomach.”

“Uh-huh,” I said slowly.  “And do you realize that since you cancelled your combo order, that soda is profoundly unpaid for.”

“No!” she exclaimed in disbelief, “I didn’t . . .”  She paused, her eyes widening as the fog lifted.  “Oh . . . I did, didn’t I?”

Pregnancy Is Making Her A Little Foggy Right Now

April 13, 2016

While I contemplate the L. Naming Issue, here’s a quick interlude:

“Pictures are magic,” L’s Mother announced as she admired a painting last night.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Pictures, paintings, drawings, animation . . .” she clarified.  “All magic because they’re things I can’t do just like going to the grocery store and remembering everything I meant to pick up there.”

It’s Good Advice

March 7, 2013

Longtime readers will by now have noted a certain . . . indifference in me when it comes to things like anniversaries.  Perhaps some of you have privately wondered at the extent this indifference impacts my domestic felicity and tranquility.

The answer is, truthfully, not  much, because L’s mother is even more prone to overlooking such things than I am.  Usually, albeit not always, I’m the one that reminds her about a particular date, in fact.

It’s like my dear departed grandfather never said, “Son, one of the secrets to a happy relationship is to only get involved with people who easily forget certain things.”