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It Was A Surprisingly Persuasive Argument

November 16, 2022

After yesterday’s post I was asked to clarify what kind of “interesting” the drunk monkeys were pointing out to me, so I happily gave an example:

“There are seven things more interesting than what you’re doing right now,” they were saying. “Three are time-intensive, three require set up, and one is RIGHT HERE . . .”

But At Least It’s Quieter

November 15, 2022

As bad as it can be when the drunk monkeys of my mind are screaming, it’s oddly worse when they’re mellow and just pointing out things more interesting than what I’m trying to focus on.

At Least They’re Generous

November 4, 2022

Lately the drunk monkeys of my mind have started offering to share their drinks with me.

Don’t Mind Me

July 27, 2022

Because I didn’t keep it in mind, I lost my mindfulness.

I didn’t mind at first because I didn’t notice.

But once I noticed, I minded I had lost my mindfulness.

And now it is always on my mind.