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And I Consider Being Able To Breathe One Of The Best Parts Of Waking Up

May 26, 2022

“Oh nooooo!” I heard L’s Mother exclaim from the kitchen this morning, and from her tone I knew she’d noticed that I was using the coffee maker.

“Relax,” I assured her as I walked into the kitchen. “I slept well and feel fine, I just woke up a little stuffy.”

When She’s Right, She’s Right

May 11, 2022

This morning L’s Mother greeted me with a cheery, “Good morning!” before noticing the mug in my hand, the mug I only use with the coffee maker.

“Oh,” she said. “That’s not your ‘good morning’ mug!”

The Link Is To The IMDB Entry (Sorry To Disappoint)

January 11, 2021

You know your day is off to an odd start when you’re pointed to a clip from a movie where an aquatic zombie rips off a girl’s swimsuit right before the zombie fights a shark.

I Don’t Start Considering Other People’s Opinions Until After I Wake Up

September 17, 2019

Today L’s Mother and I were enjoying a much needed day off style morning on the back porch when she said, “Oh, no!  I’m out here in my pajamas!”  Grinning, she added, “What would the neighbors think?”

“First they’d have to,” I snorted.

Fortunately He Didn’t Drink Much

June 13, 2019

This morning I found a dead moth in my coffee.  While I am happy to report that this didn’t ruin my morning, I have decided to excuse myself from having to make any witty observations and/or pithy comments today.

My Sleep Deprived Internal Monologue From This Morning

June 27, 2018

I can’t believe I’m still awake, and I wouldn’t believe how awful I feel if wasn’t feeling it.  At least the sunset is pretty.

Tired or not, pretty sure it’s called a sunrise when it’s happening in the morning.  It doesn’t feel like a sunrise though . . . 

Oh, what the heck, maybe it can be both.  Whose going to argue with me about it at this time of the morning?

Both it is then.

It’s still pretty.

Lead Into Gold Is Easy By Comparison

July 26, 2017

The transformative power of love is truly an incredible thing.  For instance, this morning it transformed my thought of “If you don’t stop with the imaginary trumpet noises, I’m going to imagine folding it into sharp corners and shoving it somewhere the sun don’t shine,” into the words, “Good morning to you too, son.”

Sure, I’d Assembled A Desk, But That Hardly Seems In The Same Category!

July 10, 2017

From a phone conversation with someone whose morning was far more eventful than mine:

Them:  So far this morning I’ve had coffee, [redacted], and I’m getting ready for a shower.

Me:  I haven’t even had coffee yet!

Lala, I’m Looking At YOU!

January 12, 2017

This week my son’s class talked about the power of the word “yet” in the sense that it’s not that you “can’t” do something, it’s just that you can’t do it yet.

It’s an important lesson, and I say that as a parent who has all but banned his son from using the word “never” until he learns to use it properly and not just as part of a frustrated “I’ll never be able to do this!”  (Spoiler:  Once he calms down and stops fussing at whatever it is he’s fussing at, he usually can, and when he can’t, he generally just needs more practice before he can.)

Still . . .  there’s a time and a place for every lesson, and when you know that someone is feeling awful after a terrible night, and they’ve just snarled at you for greeting them with a cheery “Good morning!”, grinning at them and saying “You mean it’s not a good morning yet!” is just flat out poking the bear.

I’m SERIOUSLY Leaning Toward Idiot

January 25, 2016

So my five-year-old son has recently found a love for astronomy, and I made the mistake of telling him there was a rare planetary conjunction in the predawn sky, and that is why I’m still awake at four-thirty in the morning because he almost couldn’t go to sleep last night for fear that I wouldn’t wake him up to see it, which if I went to sleep I know full well I wouldn’t.

I do this also knowing full well that even IF we’ll be able to see anything, his attention span will have us out there five minutes at most before he wants to come inside, which is a good thing because he is also going to complain the whole time about the cold, and even that is assuming he wants to get up at all, but I promised him, so . . .

Here I am.

I can’t decide is this makes me a father of the year candidate . . . or just a huge idiot.