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Fortunately, I Had

December 21, 2018

Me:  So I just read that Julie Andrews voices some kind of monster in Aquaman.

Lala and L’s Mother:   (simultaneously)  Really?!  We have to see this movie!

Me:  Wow.  I hope I read that right then.

L’s Mother:  (teasing, but ominously)  I hope you did too.


Something Suggested To Me By Lala

November 13, 2018

Now that Stan Lee is no longer available, I’d like to think that he would like it if Ryan Reynolds took over the role of the cameo king of superhero movies.

This Insight I DID Get Introduced To In Time To Change The Course Of My Life Though

April 20, 2018

People like me we’re like . . . like shooting stars. We cross the sky, burning hot for one moment in time, then we . . . plunge to Earth and disappear. Jesus Christ, I’m starting to upset myself!

– Johnny Dangerously, Johnny Dangerously

A Two-Faced View Of What It’s Like To Be A Parent Some Days

April 2, 2018

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

– Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight

Or Maybe It Was Just Speaking To Me

March 9, 2018

You know what?  After watching Wreck-It-Ralph four times in one week (You do what you have to do when your child is missing their mother when she’s out-of-town.), the Bad Guy affirmation can really start to speak to you:

I’m bad . . . and that’s good.

I will never be good . . . and that’s not bad.

There’s no one I’d rather be . . . than me.

My Ruminations Upon Me Having Being A “Talker” As A Child As I Now Contemplate My Son

February 26, 2018

Zeus, I was a sinner. I’ve never tried to deny it. But I didn’t sin every day. Why then do you punish me every day?

– Phineas, Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

A Few Sentences Is More Than A Couple

December 29, 2017

Still not feeling 100% today, but since I’m capable of stringing more than a couple of sentences together, I feel the need to demonstrate that capability.  Yesterday’s joke/not joke was, of course, inspired by the fact that I saw The Last Jedi yesterday, so people can now stop asking me if I’ve seen it yet.

Yes, that really is all I’m planning to say.

(Jokes aside, I’m deliberately taking it easy today, but the fact that I’m in a snarky mood is a sign that I’m on the road to recovery.)


Something I Began To Suspect Thirty Minutes Before The Movie Ended

July 25, 2017

“Just watch the first ten minutes of this movie, and if you don’t like it, we can watch something else,” Lala said last night.

This sounded reasonable to me, so I watched the first ten minutes and did indeed enjoy it, so I watched the rest of the movie.

Now if only she had suggested I watch the last ten minutes of the movie, I’d have known not to waste my time . . .

Please Don’t Take My Sunshine Away

June 8, 2017

Kay:  When you get sad, it always seems to rain.

Laura:  Well lots of people get sad when it rains.

Kay:  It rains because you’re sad, baby.

Men in Black II

(On my mind because L’s Mother went out of town for a few days, and we literally did not see the sun here until after she got back.

And That’s A Bit Of A Wonder In And Of Itself

May 31, 2017

Truth be told, I’ve been dreading the release of the Wonder Woman movie because, while there have been many fine actresses playing female superheroes, the world has yet to see a movie generally considered to be a good female superhero movie, and, bluntly, I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

But as I write this now, I see that the pre-release reviews of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes put it at 96% fresh, and . . . I still can’t dare to hope because I know that number will change as more reviews come in.

But I am cautiously optimistic about the movie right now, and that hasn’t happened in a long time.