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In Some Ways That’s Harder To Deal With

May 6, 2022

To follow-up on what I said yesterday, to be fair to those who said they loved me, but their actions didn’t match their words, I don’t believe they were trying to manipulate me. It’s just no matter what they said with their words, their actions said things like, “I’m ready to move on, but I’m not ready to admit that even to myself quite yet.”

It Didn’t Bother Me Any More After That

March 9, 2022

It’s happened several times in my life (fortunately, not recently). That moment when I woke up (probably later than I should have) and realized that I didn’t like how I was being treated in a relationship (be it a job, a friendship, or a more personal relationship), and things weren’t going to get any better. The first significant time this happened to me (regarding a job) the advice I was given was, “Don’t let it bother you.”

I didn’t take this advice very kindly at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I saw the wisdom in it.

So I quit.