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I’m Not Sure What’s Going To Happen Next

December 3, 2021

Today my son reprimanded me for playing my music too loud.

He wasn’t wrong (it was that kind of song), but I still feel like a fundamental balance of the universe has been disrupted.

Do You Ever Get The Feeling You’re Not Viewing The Same World That Other People Are?

August 31, 2021

Me listening to a Nordic lullaby: The singer has a lovely voice.

The comments section: The singer has a lovely voice!

Also the comments section: This song makes me want to live close to nature!

Me: This song is about a mother telling a hungry wolf she won’t let it eat her child!

Usually To Keep It In Check . . . Usually

July 3, 2018

Some people listen to music when they’re feeling their age; lately I’ve realized that I listen to music when I’m feeling my rage.

I’m Pretty Sure I Played It Every Shift Too

June 5, 2018

When I was in college I spent one semester as a college radio DJ because . . . I wanted to say I was a DJ in college.

It’s not like I learned absolutely nothing from the experience though; I did learn that when you needed time to do something else, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida was the song to play.

So . . . So Worth It

October 6, 2017

Having grown tired of my son’s constant declarations that every song he heard that he even mildly disliked was “the worst song ever,” yesterday I introduced him to Tiny Tim‘s, “Tiptoe Through The Tulips“.

His double take alone was worth it.

That Moment When You Realize You’ve Got Nothing For Today That Tops That

October 11, 2016

I count ten giraffes with their ten long necks.  If I were Roman, I’d count to X!

“The Number 10” by StoryBots

I’m Still In “Defensive Silliness” Mode

June 23, 2016

The other day I noticed that L’s Mother was listening to “The Best of Badfinger.”  As I walked away I found myself thinking, “Doesn’t that make this compilation the good Badfinger?  And by that logic, is there a bad Badfinger compilation out there?”

Just Pointing Out That People Have Felt This Way For A While Now

July 31, 2015

Nowadays what isn’t worth saying is sung. 

The Barber of Seville by Pierre Beaumarchais (Quote frequently misattributed to Voltaire)

Music To My Ears

November 7, 2014

Running late today, and normally I don’t include video links in my entries, but I just had to include this one.  For those who don’t feel like clicking the link, or in anticipation of the day that link no longer works, in short, it’s a video of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing through the pain of eating chili peppers.  While viral videos come and go, this one made me realize this poor world has been sorely lacking in competitive orchestral music/eating contests.  This needs to be a thing from now on.

The only thing is, I feel the wind players were unfairly disadvantaged in this compared to the string section, which is why I think the next competition should involve extra hot buffalo wings . . .

I Just MAKE The Jokes, I Don’t LAUGH At Them!

February 12, 2014

Me:    (Out of the blue, speaking in a SchwarzeneggerTerminator” voice.)  Let’s play composers.  You be Liszt . .  and I’ll be Bach.

Lala:  (Starts laughing uncontrollably.)

Me:     Really?